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Welcome to Pj Products, 
We are a High Quality manufacturer dedicated to giving you the very best products for restoration, repair or specialized upgrades, for the automotive, marine, sport and outdoor enthusiast. Our focus is on quality, customer service and unique products tailored to suit your needs.
Founded in 2012 by Pejman, PJ Products has come a long way from its beginnings in a very small shed in Adelaide. When Pejman first started out as a motor trimmer his passion for perfection and producing the highest quality products led him to thoroughly research and study the craft from initial design incorporating  design software, integrated with engineering machinery and finally production, all from his shed. 

The culmination of this hard work and the very positive feedback from clients has given him the impetus and inspiration to launch an online store in 2019 where he can offer the same high quality products more widely to those seeking excellence and perfection in projects that require such craftsmanship

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